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Welcome to Eat05, the premiere food and drink destination covering California's Central Coast. From Paso Robles wine to Santa Maria BBQ to Santa Barbara tacos, we're here to guide you on where to eat and what to cook.

What you'll find on Eat05:

  1. Guidance on the best places to eat along California's Central Coast ("the 805") from people who have lived here for years.  
  2. Regionally-inspired recipes featuring ingredients from Central Coast farms and grocers.
  3. Food and drink related news and event information.
  4. Expert advice and opinions on the 805's renowned wine and brewing scene.

What you won't find on Eat05:

  1. Rage-inducing ads, pop-ups, and slow pages found on most food blogs and recipe sites. I don't make money from ads and its time to fight back.
  2. Pretentiousness. This is the California coast after all. We love good food but we don't care if it comes from a French bistro or a taco truck.

Who are you?

I'm Erik Dungan. My friends and co-workers call me Ed. I'm a software engineer by trade but food and photography are my other passions. I've lived on the Central Coast almost my entire life and this site was born out of my desire to document my favorite places to eat and things I enjoy cooking.

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